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I was extremely satisfied with the outcome and gratified that I did not have to go through an expensive and grueling lawsuit. I highly recommend Mr. Roboostoff to anyone who is being mistreated at their place of employment.
I must say I'd rate Roboostoff & Kalkin at the top! I have the greatest confidence in Constantin and thank God for leading me to this firm.
I made a on-line inquire to Scott's law firm and gave a brief explanation of my situation. I received a phone call that same day and a meeting was arranged to discuss my possible appeal.
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Savvy Handling Of Employment Law Matters

A dispute with an employer in the workplace can be extremely frustrating and stressful, leaving you feeling helpless and desperate. At Roboostoff & Kalkin, we understand the difficulties you face and have the legal expertise to assist you in whatever employment situation you may be facing, whether it be a hostile work environment, wrongful termination, retaliation, harassment or discrimination.

Our lawyers provide personalized legal services regarding:

  • If you are still employed: You may be faced with a situation where you must decide whether to remain working under adverse working conditions, transfer to another position or resign. We will provide you with guidance in pursuit of a strategy that will best suit your particular need. For example, we have represented many clients in negotiating severance agreements that provided them financial benefits and allowed them to pursue other employment opportunities without having to deal with the stigma of having being fired by a former employer.
  • Wrongful termination: An employer may not adversely affect your employment relationship for an unlawful reason or for a purpose that contravenes fundamental public policy, such as firing or demoting you because of your disability, age or national origin; for refusing to commit an illegal act; for refusing sexual advances or for reporting criminal or illegal conduct.
  • Whistleblower retaliation: An employer may not retaliate against an employee for reporting to a government or law enforcement agency that the employee reasonably believes their employer, a contractor of the employer or a co-worker is violating the law. Also, an employer may not retaliate against an employee who refuses to participate in, accede to, or mask an employer’s illegal activity.
  • Sexual harassment: An employer is strictly liable for all acts of sexual harassment by a supervisor, and liable for the harassment by a nonsupervisory employee if the employer knew or should have known of the harassing conduct and failed to take immediate and appropriate corrective action.
  • Hostile work environment: Claims for hostile or abusive working environment due to sexual harassment arise when a workplace is permeated with discriminatory intimidation, ridicule, and insult that is sufficiently severe and pervasive to alter the conditions of the victim’s employment and create an abusive working environment.
  • Severance agreements: If you are being fired or laid off, your employer may offer you a severance package. We will advise you of your rights and protect your interests as you proceed in negotiating, modifying or entering into a severance agreement. We can also negotiate directly with your employer on your behalf.

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