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A Tradition Of Excellence In ERISA And Disability Insurance Matters

I was extremely satisfied with the outcome and gratified that I did not have to go through an expensive and grueling lawsuit. I highly recommend Mr. Roboostoff to anyone who is being mistreated at their place of employment.
I must say I'd rate Roboostoff & Kalkin at the top! I have the greatest confidence in Constantin and thank God for leading me to this firm.
I made a on-line inquire to Scott's law firm and gave a brief explanation of my situation. I received a phone call that same day and a meeting was arranged to discuss my possible appeal.
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A Breadth Of Experience From A Skilled Legal Team

At Roboostoff & Kalkin, A Professional Law Corporation, we help individuals in vulnerable situations as they face obstacles to insurance, health care, employment and fair treatment under the law. With decades of experience behind us, we can help you pursue results in insurance claims, benefit collection, employment law rights and civil appeals.

We handle a wide range of cases throughout the Bay Area and the state of California. These include:

Disability Claims: Results In ERISA And Private Policy Benefits

Many of our clients come to us after having suffered an injury or disability. They may be struggling to recover the insurance benefits they are owed under a private insurance policy or through employer-provided benefit plans (ERISA). We provide seasoned counsel from initial claim preparation to the appeal of denied claims so our clients can get what they need for a secure future.

Personal Injury: Taking On Insurance Companies

When our clients have been injured because of another party’s negligence — whether in a car accident, workplace accident or instance of malpractice — we make sure their medical and financial needs are met. We thoroughly investigate the nature of our clients’ injuries and the full weight of financial hardships they have met as a result of those injuries, and we demonstrate those needs to the insurance providers who are liable to address them.

Insurance Bad Faith: Holding Parties Accountable

Insurance providers are responsible for upholding the terms of a policy just as policyholders are responsible for paying premiums. Many insurance companies, however, only look for ways to avoid paying claims and may unlawfully dodge their financial responsibilities by denying legitimate claims to deserving individuals. We help clients who have suffered physical injuries or property damage and need to bring issues of insurance bad faith litigation to light.

Employment Law: Ensuring Fair Treatment At Work

Employers are bound by employment law regulations that protect workers from unfair treatment at work. Still, instances of discrimination, harassment and hostile work environments leave employees throughout California worried about employer retaliation or wrongful termination issues. We can combat these issues on your behalf if you are being mistreated.

Civil Appeals: Making Every Effort For A Just Outcome

If a legal decision was not the one you were looking for, there are still ways to turn a case around and achieve a more favorable outcome. Do not give up after one claim denial or employment law defeat. We can lead you through the civil appeals process with exceptional research, writing and presentation skills to make sure your voice is finally heard.

Contact Our Seasoned Attorneys

Call our Bay Area law office at 877-374-7270. We offer a free initial consultation so that you can understand why it is important to have an experienced attorney guide you through this complex process. Contact us to speak with our lawyers for a no-obligation consultation today.