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Guidance When Facing Disability Questionnaires

If you have filed a disability claim, you must be very careful when responding to questionnaires sent to you by the insurance company. You may also be required to attend a medical examination arranged by the insurance company. Your insurer may seize on any evidence it can in an attempt to deny your claim or limit the amount of time benefits are provided.

At Roboostoff & Kalkin, we have been advising and representing clients in disability insurance cases for more than 25 years. We understand the techniques insurance companies use to evaluate disability claims and how to protect our clients’ ability to obtain benefits.

Before you respond to a questionnaire, attend an interview about your condition or appear at an insurance company-arranged medical examination, contact our lawyers.

Watch What You Say

Disability insurance companies tend to use multiple choice or “check the boxes” questions on the questionnaires they send out. If you simply respond by selecting one of the choices offered, this can provide an incomplete or misleading picture of your true condition.

When responding to a question, do not feel that you are restricted to only the choices listed. You can make a notation or provide an explanation in the margin next to the question, or on a separate page if necessary. For example, you might respond to a question by writing something like “On a good day I can do this, but on a bad day I can’t do that …”

Our firm can help you provide comprehensive responses that relate to the definition of disability under your plan and portray the true state of your abilities. This will enhance your chances of obtaining the disability coverage you have paid for.

Doctor And Nurse Interviews

The same advice goes for interviews arranged for you with a doctor or a nurse. Explain your physical inability to perform a particular task in some detail and be clear when describing pain symptoms. Make sure the interviewer understands what you are saying. Ask for the insurance company’s permission to record the interview and confirm their approval or refusal in writing.

If you have any questions, feel free to call our attorneys at Roboostoff & Kalkin for a free initial consultation.

A Full Range Of Services To Protect Your Rights

Roboostoff & Kalkin will not treat yours as just another case. We will strive to understand the specific problems you are facing and do our level best to convey the proper information concerning them to the insurance company or the court.

You can depend on Roboostoff & Kalkin to provide you with excellent representation and sound advice at all stages of the claims process.

For a free initial consultation about a disability claim in San Francisco, Oakland or elsewhere in the Bay Area, contact our firm: 877-374-7270.