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A Tradition Of Excellence In ERISA And Disability Insurance Matters

I was extremely satisfied with the outcome and gratified that I did not have to go through an expensive and grueling lawsuit. I highly recommend Mr. Roboostoff to anyone who is being mistreated at their place of employment.
I must say I'd rate Roboostoff & Kalkin at the top! I have the greatest confidence in Constantin and thank God for leading me to this firm.
I made a on-line inquire to Scott's law firm and gave a brief explanation of my situation. I received a phone call that same day and a meeting was arranged to discuss my possible appeal.

A threshold focus concerning LTD insurance: why you need it

A host of questions can easily arise concerning employer-provided (ERISA) and private insurance policies offering protection against long-term illnesses and injuries.

We routinely field many of those questions at the long-established Bay Area law firm of Roboostoff & Kalkin, where our attorney team has provided comprehensive representation to LTD claimants for decades.

As we note on our website, some of our valued clients struggle with the fundamental challenge of procuring the benefits to which they are legally entitled. Others understandably need help with what is often an arduous and complex claims process. It is often the case that our focused and aggressive advocacy is needed at hearings and to appeal denied claims.

Many commentators on long-term disability point to a central concern that in a most elemental way precedes any of those listed above.

Many people in California and across the country who might some day have a dire need for LTD protection do not currently have a policy in place.

An informative and detailed article on the great utility of LTD coverage when it is needed underscores the anomaly that while many people note the importance of long-term disability protection, a sizable percentage of Americans are not policyholders.

The reasons for this anomaly are many. The above-cited article notes the “It won’t happen to me” attitude of many individuals who feel as though they are immune from any disabling malady down the road. Some people get lost in the maze of  insurance company offerings, opt-out clauses, coverage specifics and attendant concerns.

However, this much is clear: Many people do become challenged by disabling conditions at some point in life.  Some of those challenges endure for years. Without proper LTD protection, predictably harsh financial outcomes can ensue.

Questions or concerns about LTD coverage/policies in general, as well as those regarding strong legal advocacy in response to a claim delay, denial or other challenge can be directed to a proven claimant’s insurance attorney.