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When your disability insurer acts too much like Big Brother

It would be disconcerting or even frightening for anyone to find out that someone is trolling him or her on the Internet, or watching his or her comings and goings from a vehicle staked outside the house. We prize our privacy rights and many people view private surveillance with suspicion. 

Disability-insurer surveillance practices 

New ERISA rules raise standards for insurer LTD claim processing

Are you an employee or professional in Northern California who is covered by an employer-sponsored long-term disability insurance plan? 

If so, you might reasonably harbor some concerns regarding your benefits program administered, in theory, in compliance with the federal law known as ERISA. ERISA imposes procedural requirements on insurers and claims administrators when they process LTD claims. ERISA standards are intended to make the process fairer for claimants.

"Optimism bias" and how it relates to long-term disability

Most readers of our blog across California might reasonably conclude that optimism is invariably a good thing. As a personal attribute, it fosters forward movement and provides energy that drives positive outcomes.

There are also scenarios where optimism either needs to be tempered or checked at the door, though. Such is certainly the case when it can delude a person into thinking that he or she is immune from real-world risks and downside outcomes in important matters.

California plaintiff takes denied ERISA LTD claim to court

Multiple realities exist in California ERISA long-term disability cases, as repeatedly evidenced  by varied outcomes in claim matters.

Some claimants see their protracted disabling conditions responded to in a timely, comprehensive and problem-free fashion by plan administrators and plan-funding insurance companies.

A threshold focus concerning LTD insurance: why you need it

A host of questions can easily arise concerning employer-provided (ERISA) and private insurance policies offering protection against long-term illnesses and injuries.

We routinely field many of those questions at the long-established Bay Area law firm of Roboostoff & Kalkin, where our attorney team has provided comprehensive representation to LTD claimants for decades.

Spotlight on California MDs and long-term disability insurance

A compelling argument can be made that virtually every worker in California and across the country needs the safeguards provided by long-term disability insurance. Federal government research reveals that about 25% of all Americans will suffer from disabling conditions prior to the age of 67. The financial ramifications in any case where that occurs can be dire, indeed, if insurance is not in place to provide adequate protection. Yet, legions of people ignore that reality.

LTD denials underscore why claimants need strong legal advocacy

The following summary of one woman's experience with her insurer in a long-term disability matter almost reads like a bad novel.

Unfortunately, though, and as a proven claimants' rights attorney can readily attest, the fact pattern is anything but rare. Moreover, it underscores how vital it can be for a disabled individual to secure help from seasoned legal counsel to obtain a just result in a disability case.

LTD claim preparation is critically important. Here's why.

It's not a secret that insurance companies do everything possible to avoid a level playing field when it comes to their handling of long-term disability claims.

For starters, they routinely question the very premise that a claimant's illness or condition satisfies their requirements for what comprises a disabling condition.

California insurer under strong scrutiny for claim denials

Aetna has had better weeks.

In fact, it's likely that the country's third largest insurer -- and issuer of many health and long-term private disability policies to Californians -- has never before endured criticism to the degree it now faces in the wake of recent news developments.

Is my insurer watching me in the wake of LTD claim approval?

Maybe you think you're just being paranoid or overly sensitive following the filing of a long-term disability claim in which the insurance company finally recognized the merits of your claim after protracted challenges.

Then again, you might be correct in your assessment that some notable monitoring presence continues to track you following the approval of your claim. Many people in California and nationally feel that way as they go about their daily lives to the best of their abilities while struggling with a disabling condition.


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