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June 2018 Archives

Another day, another court, another LTD insurer gets CFS wrong

We recently discussed the devastating disease chronic fatigue syndrome or CFS and its impact on the ability to work. Many long-term disability insurers have denied CFS-based claims, at least in part, because of the subjective nature of CFS symptoms and the difficulty of proving CFS disability when an insurer insists on “objective” proof. 

Reliance on SSDI safety net in lieu of LTD short sighted

If you are offered long-term disability insurance as part of your benefits package at work, you might be tempted to turn it down. Why pay for something (even if your financial contribution toward the premium is small) that you think you are unlikely to need? You may be young and healthy, and maybe you figure you can use Social Security Disability Insurance instead if you cannot work because of illness or an injury. 

Federal court sends disability claim back to administrator

A short- or long-term disability insurance policy is governed by applicable law and by its terms, as it is at its core a contract. Many a dispute comes down to an interpretation of the explicit terms of a disability insurance contract


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