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Spotlight on California MDs and long-term disability insurance

A compelling argument can be made that virtually every worker in California and across the country needs the safeguards provided by long-term disability insurance. Federal government research reveals that about 25% of all Americans will suffer from disabling conditions prior to the age of 67. The financial ramifications in any case where that occurs can be dire, indeed, if insurance is not in place to provide adequate protection. Yet, legions of people ignore that reality.

“They think they’re exempt, that it’s not going to happen to them,” says one older disabled doctor, who points to his own occupation group as having an especially strong need for LTD coverage.

It’s not hard to see why physicians would need to protect against disabling conditions that can imperil their livelihood and income. A recent article on LTD insurance and medical professionals states the obvious, namely, that doctors “have unique jobs and high incomes.” They train long, hard and at great expense to secure their credentials, and they often incur great costs to safeguard against malpractice, buy equipment, pay rent and compensate staff.

The financial risks for a doctor who becomes disabled are unquestionably dire and clear.  This makes having a quality LTD policy in force extremely important. Most MDs readily appreciate that. An American Medical Association survey indicates that about three-quarters of U.S. physicians carry long-term disability coverage.

Of course, it is one thing to have coverage and quite another to ensure that the contracted for protections flow when a triggering condition occurs. An insurer’s denial or delaying tactics can turn a medical professional’s life upside down in a hurry.

A California doctor who is encountering difficulties with an insurer’s performance under a long-term disability contract can contact a seasoned LTD insurance attorney for guidance and aggressive legal representation aimed at securing the full policy benefits.