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LTD claim preparation is critically important. Here’s why.

It’s not a secret that insurance companies do everything possible to avoid a level playing field when it comes to their handling of long-term disability claims.

For starters, they routinely question the very premise that a claimant’s illness or condition satisfies their requirements for what comprises a disabling condition.

Moreover, even if you know that your LTD claim is legitimate, you are still going to have to clear a proof hurdle established by the insurer’s claims process. Among other things, it is probably in your best interests to create a systematic log or other tracking source that helps to document your symptoms in relation to how they prevent you from performing your job duties. This will help you and your treating doctors provide ample proof of the severity of your condition.

It is often the case that owing to the very nature of your disability, you are operating with diminished strength, stamina or cognitive abilities as you respond to sometimes hyper-technical and challenging policy requirements and claims questionnaires. Insurers will sometimes try to take advantage of your diminished capacity by overwhelming you with requests for information.

Insurers unquestionably prefer dealing with claimants who lack assistance in LTD claims from proven, aggressive and industry-savvy attorneys, especially when it comes to claim preparation. That stage of the claims process is a critical focal point in every disability case. The acumen that established legal counsel commands in persuasively proving and supporting a claim prior to its filing is often instrumental in its outcome.

A California resident with questions or concerns regarding any aspect of an LTD claim can turn to an established disability claims attorney with a demonstrated record of strong support for clients across the state.